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A Simplified, Deified Explanation of Qi

Qi: A small word with an infinity of definitions and explanations.

Qi is the most fundamental, basic force operating in the Universe. Although invisible, and impossible to isolate, it is the most significant force which binds our world together. 

When solid mass is cut up until measurably reduced to nothing, this is where Qi resides. It is difficult to describe because although it is ever present, it still remains elusive. 

Qi is also known as life force, fundamental substance, or most simply translated as energy. It is an intelligence in and of itself, needing form as a vehicle through which it can express its power. 

The ability of Qi to connect all things with one another is one of its most distinctive functions. It creates an ornate web of communication entraining living beings, the space in between solid mass, by binding the whole of Creation together. 

An infinite amount of messaging ripples between substantial and nebulous matter, affecting change on visible and invisible levels. This type of mystical communication brings to mind the god Mercury.

Mercury traveled freely, unhindered into the Underworld. A privilege given to no other God. He guided the souls of the dead to their new dwelling place in the Hereafter. For this task he was granted unlimited access to dark, sunless, gloomy Hades.

He delivered messages for the Gods in his swift, eloquent and quick-silvered way, with a winged helmet and wings on his shoes, quickening his pace. The Chief Messenger of the Gods controlled the movement of all information, words and ideas. He not only chose what to relay, but how, and when, to deliver news of great value to the Gods.

In such a powerful position, Mercury was not above acting in a wanton fashion, playing tricks with the communications he was entrusted with. He pushed physical boundaries and moral ones as well, using confidential information to bend situations according to his own volition.

His capricious nature proves an accurate definition to the word ‘mercurial.’ Mercurial- prone to sudden or unpredictable changes in mood or attitude; relating to the planet Mercury.

Mercury is known as the God of communication, travel, commerce, financial gain and Patron of Thieves. His other titles include Keeper of the Boundaries and The Merchant. Hermes, is the earlier, Greek version of Mercury. Many ancient Greek stories of Gods and Goddesses transitioned into prominent positions in the Roman pantheon.

Mercury could also act in a righteous, moral manner. He helped rescue Persephone, after her abduction by Hades. Venturing into the Underworld, he led the captured maiden, battered and tattered, safely back to her distraught mother, Demeter, Goddess of fertility and abundance. It is evident, the Winged-Messenger controls more than just the movement of intelligence, he determines the course of events as well. 

Qi is like Mercury/Hermes in this way, eliciting responses, exchanging information and allowing for communication throughout the Universe. This dissemination of energetic messages occurs in perpetuity, it is what drives life. And when death happens, this process too is motivated by Qi. Ultimately the resources from the previously alive being, are recycled and used to propagate life once again.

Unlike Mercury, Qi does not play tricks. If something happens that we can’t make sense out of, it is because we have not yet understood a Universal, scientific law. Due to our dearth of knowledge regarding cosmology and other sciences, Qi can take on a mystical, if not downright, magical quality.  

What exactly is Qi, can it neither be created nor destroyed? These are reasonable questions for the God Mercury. Has he already answered this query, and it is only our minds limiting us, hindering our decipherment of his words. Maybe he is constantly answering, and we can only hear a riddle instead of the concrete, substantial answer we desire. 

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