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Aries, A Yang sign in the Yang time of the year

The sign of Aries is cardinal, fire, and yang. Yang is the masculine principle, embodying qualities such as heat, activity, logic, aggression and speed. Being a yang fire sign, Aries is passionate, quick-moving and responds intuitively to new situations. Plus, Aries season occurs during a yang time of the year. Spring and Summer are yang, while Fall and Winter are yin.

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the Planet of War. Mars is full of ambition, courage, passion and fire. This planet relies on quick, decisive action – the necessary traits of a great Warrior. 

This is not to be mistaken with the General of an army, who needs to strategize, organize and consider the long term consequences of any decision. Mars is the Soldier who acts before thinking, and does what it takes to ensure his survival.

The symbol of Aries is the hard-headed ram. These creatures rush in head first when engaging in conflict. The males fight hard for the top spot in the hierarchy. Along with the position, comes the hard-earned right to reproduce with the females of their herd. 

The battling rams aren’t just showing off, trying to prove who is the bigger tough guy; far from it. As alpha male, his sacred duty is to protect the herd, giving up his own life if necessary. His leadership and protection is what ensures safety and survival for all. He must constantly prove his worth, or lose to a stronger, more worthy competitor.

If you anagram the word Aries, it becomes Arise. Which is what happens in Aries season, as the energy of the Zodiac wheel rises once again, bringing forth the creation of fresh, new energy. In the previous sign, individuality and identity dissolved in the great ocean of Pisces, distilling All into One. Aries emerges well-nourished and nascent from this cosmic womb.

The symbol for Mars is a circle with an arrow protruding from it. This is the action of bursting out from the circle, symbolizing unity and containment, into the outer world, thereby asserting oneself as an individual. It’s the messy, bloody, yet necessary process of birth. Mars represents the daring, bold ways we assert ourselves in the physical world.

Charging ahead, literally with the head first, is an Arian trait. This sign rules over the head. It is the first body part to emerge from the womb. Racing fearlessly into the new, doesn’t guarantee things will always work out. However, the constitution of Aries is built to withstand the consequences of going first. This sign is blessed with copious amounts of energy, an indomitable will and a thirst for adventure. 

All of the cardinal Zodiac signs initiate the beginning of a new season. Aries heralds the start of Spring. The Spring equinox is a uniquely Arian phenomenon. The vernal and autumnal equinoxes are the two times of the year when the sun shines directly above the equator, producing daylight and darkness in equal measure. 

Aries receives an extra dose of yang energy from the sun at the vernal equinox. Each day afterward, until the next equinox six months later, sunlight graces the earth in ever-increasing intensity and duration. The first six houses represent development of the self, while the last six houses represent our ascension into the world of the other.

Developing the self is key for Aries. The very beginning of the Zodiac wheel represents infancy and our early years. At this stage, it is one’s own needs that one is most in touch with. This is a dominant theme, kicking off the process of individuation. 

Being an individual, with a firmly developed sense of self, becomes key when Aries meets its complementary sign, Libra. They are polar opposites on the Zodiac wheel. Libra is a cardinal, air, yang sign. It takes the focus from oneself and places it onto another, in the search for harmonious, balanced relationships.  

Libra is the sign of Partnership and Marriage. They work well when functioning as a pair. However, in an effort not to be consumed by the identity of the pair, Librans can not forgo their own needs and desires to keep harmony in their relationship. Having learned the lesson of firmly establishing one’s own ego from Aries, they will keep their individuality intact, as they foster an intimate relationship.

Libra is a sign known for its love of beauty and aesthetics, and softens the rough edges of Aries. Where Aries might rush in and use brute force to handle a difficult situation, Libra breezes in with grace and aplomb to diffuse tension. 

Being willful and hardheaded is not always necessary when diplomacy and level headedness can get the job done, causing far less stress and strain. When Aries veers into egocentric territory, Libra brings attention back to considering the needs of others. 

The sign of Partnership also reminds the Warrior that healthy competition doesn’t involve mercilessly slaughtering your rival. Being the best, or first, should not come at the expense of your integrity.

You can align your attitude and actions to match the yang energy, which is in full swing during Aries season. The extra force adds fire and action to animate your will. This is the perfect time to initiate any new endeavor that requires courage, energy and the sheer audacity to boldly take risks. This is when dreams, especially impossible ones, can manifest into reality.

Do not bother over minute details, or even focus on the completion of your project. There will be other times of the year for perfection (Virgo), or strategizing for the long-term (Capricorn). Just as messy as birth can be, so is the process of initiation. There is time yet to hammer out the particulars, change course and then build upon whatever foundation exists. Aries energy begs you to passionately start something now!

In general, Aries season is ripe for acting independently and exerting your will upon your environment. Do not cave in to peer pressure or act against your best interests; remain steadfast and self-assertive. The more challenges faced now, the greater your resolve. Risk and unknown consequences are the things Aries energy needs to grow. 

Take this time to explore new places, try new tastes, meet new people and engage in rough sports, or healthy competition. The worst thing to do now is … nothing. Aries is active, physically and mentally, so stimulation is critical. Stagnation is the enemy right now. Pisces, the season for contemplation, dreaming and staying put, just passed. The time for intense reflection is over.

Get up earlier than usual and go for a long hike, push yourself to do a few extra sit-ups or start a new fitness regime. If you feel nervous about meeting new people, try joining a group where the focus is on movement and activity, to provide you with an outlet for tension. Shock your taste buds with new flavors and foods; not only is this fun, it can actually help you eat less. 

New life flourishes this time of year; green begins dominating the landscape and the outside world gets noisier. Joy is found in nature, connecting with the earth and leaving the demands of technology behind, even if just for an afternoon. Spring energy is known for intensity, so include moments of rest and quiet to avoid burnout.

Aries, because it’s ruled by Mars, can also provoke a rise in tempers and agitation. Imagine the energy it takes to slog off the cold and stagnation of winter. Usually angry or frustrated expressions occur in short bursts, which is normal. The key to an outburst is its brevity, which does not let its intensity become overpowering. 

As long as there is no collateral damage and anger doesn’t pave the way to rage, this behavior is in keeping with the season. Everyone is under the same influence, so others may noticeably be a little more plucky or downright feisty now. It’s good to keep this in mind; so if you pick a fight this season, watch out… You don’t know what you may unleash!

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