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Body parts that Taurus rules over

Each sign of the zodiac has dominion over certain body parts. The areas that Taurus rules over are the shoulders, neck, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, larynx (voice box)  and the senses that allow us to taste, touch, hear and smell. 

Taurus is a yin (feminine), fixed, earth sign. As such she deeply connects to the earth, through nature, and by enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Ruling over the majority of the sense organs, it is no wonder she delights in using them and gains the reputation as sensual and pleasure-seeking. 

She seeks security in the physical world through the accumulation of wealth and material goods. Her possessions give her a sense of control in a largely unpredictable world. They do more than just provide for basic needs, they also enhance her experience of being incarnate. Earthly delights and material offerings are here to enhance our experience as human beings.

Fixed signs occur in the middle of a season, when it reaches a point of equilibrium, and therefore exhibit the least amount of changes. There is an element of fixity and stability inherent in mid-seasons. Being such, Taurus can stick with one thing, resist changes and not feel prone to boredom from repetitive tasks.

Taurus is grounded, practical and reliable. Stability and equanimous living rule the day. Thrills, bells, whistles and surprises aren’t necessary to make their lives worth living. They value what is useful, brings a state of physical ease, and alleviates emotional strain. 

Beauty and symmetry bring order and comfort to their lives. Aesthetics play an important role in maintaining harmony in their daily rhythms. They appreciate, and respond well to a beautiful environment. 

In relationships they are loyal and capable of nurturing close bonds. Their emotional state naturally gravitates toward balance and peace. The affinity for balance and beauty in their outside world reflects the same qualities they desire for their inner world.

The symbol of Taurus is the bull. This is a powerhouse of an animal, full of strength and stamina, with a thick, robust neck. Someone with a lot of Taurus energy in their chart could likely have short legs, muscular shoulders and a strong neck. Their appearance will be one of sturdiness, with a practical, down-to-earth vibe.

It is fitting that Taurus rules the neck because this is a sensual part of the body, and widely considered an erogenous zone for most people. Caresses are extra stimulating not only because the skin is thinner in the front of the neck, but there’s also an element of exposure and vulnerability. This causes an erotic thrill when touched here. 

Adorning this area with beautiful necklaces or scarves is a great way to protect it from wind and cold. The skin quality on the neck is the same as the face, so when you wash your face you can include your neck as well, using the same gentle, face-friendly products.

The Adams apple is a tough piece of cartilage protecting the larynx, more commonly known as the voice box. Since Taurus has rulership over here, they tend to have pleasant voices that sing well, sound good on the radio or as voiceovers, and in general know how to express themselves in a pleasurable manner. They have the gift of being able to communicate in an eloquent way.

To maintain the integrity of this area, singing, chanting or massaging the back of the neck is in order. Taurus must first value themselves, in order to preserve the purity of their self-expression. Honesty, simplicity and gentleness brings an elegant rhythm to their words. Even when being adversarial, or being the messenger of bad news, they can deliver their messages with poise and aplomb.

The thyroid gland is a pretty, butterfly-shaped gland located right below the larynx. It is one of the many hormone-secreting glands that make-up the complex endocrine system. One of its main functions is regulating metabolism, the process by which our bodies utilize energy. Every single cell needs fuel and the thyroid oversees this process.

When overworked, the thyroid becomes debilitated and symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and even infertility can ensue. This is what happens when Taurus is forced to maintain a hectic pace of life that is unsustainable.

Although prone to slow starts, once on their way they have an amazing ability to stay in motion. Their secret is maintaining, and not wasting, their vast reserves of energy. They know how to conserve their resources, including financial ones as well, in order to save for a rainy day. It is essential they go at their own pace.

Interestingly, the first two cervical vertebrae, called atlas and axis, give fair warning to the Taurus who works to excess. This is because both vertebrae earned their names from an ancient story about the Titans and the Olympians. The cervical vertebrae refer to the bones in the neck region of the spine.

Atlas, leader of the Titans, fought a war against the Olympians, headed by Zeus. When Atlas’s side lost, Zeus punished him by forcing him to keep the heavens separated from the earth- by bearing the weight of the sky on his neck and shoulders!

The name of the first cervical vertebra, CV1, is atlas and CV2 is called axis. Together they form the joint which attaches the spine to the skull. Atlas is an atypical vertebra that is flat and ring-shaped, specially designed to bear the full weight of the skull.

Axis, also an atypical vertebra, has a long spike (odontoid process) which rises up through the hole (vertebral foramen) of atlas, articulating at the base of the skull. Atlas and axis fit perfectly together. Atlas literally holds up the skull, and due to its special feature, the odontoid process, allows the head to rotate in all directions. 

All is well when responsibilities are handled well, and life flows at a measured pace. However if the woes start piling up due to chaos from work, relationships or such, the upper torso can take a hit. 

Chaos and emotional tension manifest as pain in the neck and shoulders. The body is clearly sending a message to slow down, and reprioritize responsibilities. This burden of feeling the weight of the world on one’s shoulders is what an out-of-balance Taurean must guard against. 

The bull enjoys a more even temperament overall, and does not tend to experience extremes in emotion. They naturally allow things that bring ease and beauty into their lives. This sign is also blessed with the power to work hard for all the beautiful possessions and luxuries it desires. 

Taurus adores fine food and uses high quality, fresh ingredients in simple or opulent dishes. The act of eating, and tasting, brings deep satisfaction. It’s more than just delivering nutrients to supply the body with the energy it needs. This strictly utilitarian way is more conspicuous in other signs, such as Aquarius (mainly because they are too busy with intellectual pursuits and tend to ignore the body). 

The act of nurturing oneself with food is made especially delightful because of the taste, making eating a ritual, and something to be savored. Taurus can find pleasure in smelling the delightful preparations coming from the kitchen, or touching the different textures of the fruit in the cornucopia. 

The bull is also known for enjoying pleasurable sensations like massage, warm bath water, or cuddling with someone special. Indulging their senses with things to their liking brings contentment and a renewal of the spirit.

Taurus is also associated with agriculture, gardens and food supplies. They can quietly savor the sensation of dirt squishing through their fingers as they dig up potatoes or pull a juicy carrot from the earth. Walking through the woods is a celebration of life, no fireworks necessary.

Listening to beautiful music or even having a good ear are the domain of Taurus. But it’s not just music that is soothing to the ears, it’s the sound of rain, children playing, laughter, or the sound of silence. Taurus is a sign that enjoys the moment, without fanfare, just appreciating what’s in front of them. 

Keeping a solid, predictable routine, yet living a life steeped in the natural world, is the modus operandi of Taurus. Very patient and nurturing, this is a sign that makes a wonderful mother or caregiver. However, as noted before, when weighed down or subjected to prolonged stress, Taurus can become the proverbial beast of burden. 

Head down, eyes locked in one position, with no room to breath or relax, signs of imbalance arise. Obstinance and inflexibility can result in not being able to make a much needed change. Safety in the known takes preference over bettering the situation, if it means taking a chance on the unknown.

Greed and desiring more than they need, can cause an excess in materialism. Weight gain could also be an issue, as they seek solace in rich food or large quantities of it. When their value system is off, too much emphasis is put on accumulating possessions and wealth, instead of honoring their inner value. 

The sign preceding Taurus, Aries, acts quickly, without thinking, guided by powerful instincts. After this rapid fire energy, it is Taurus who then steps in to slow things down. Aries is the single sperm barrelling toward the ovum, in the ultimate race. Once that sperm unites with an egg, a new kind of life instantly comes into being. Now Taurean energy comes into play, desiring nothing more than providing a stable and nurturing environment so new life can reach maturity.

Vanessa Vogel
Vanessa Vogel
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