The Lunar Review

Following the Phases of the Moon

Following the phases of the moon is an easy way to stay connected with the rhythm of nature. The moon is not only a source of power and poetry, but a celestial timekeeper. Let’s investigate how we can utilize her wisdom.

The new moon kicks off the first phase of the lunar cycle. Here, there is only darkness; the sky offering no hint of the moon’s luminescent beauty. A new beginning is at hand. Think of yourself as a seed deep below the ground, or a fetus gestating in the womb. You are pure potential, so this is the opportune time to set a goal, or implement any idea you would like to see come to fruition.

In this time of darkness there are no tangible limits, freeing your imagination. Instincts feel sharper, making it an ideal time to explore your ideas without outside influences. Perhaps you want to replace artificial light with candles, turn off the electronics and enter a quiet, personal space.  

Next, the moon enters the waxing crescent phase, signifying the start of the first quarter. A sliver appears, with the two points facing towards the left side. This occurs a day or two after the dark moon. Lunar energy is just starting to grow and expand, as is your initiative and determination to carry out the ideas seeded during the dark moon. Your effort and action is required. Use the momentum at hand now.

The second quarter starts when half the moon is visible. This is called the waxing gibbous phase. Motivation increases as the illumination reveals what obstacles and tasks need your attention. Action is key to completing your goals now. About two weeks after the new moon, the full moon dominates the sky.

When the moon is full, she rises just as the sun is setting. The night is luminous and bright, shedding light so nothing is hidden. Did you accomplish your goal? Did you notice the energy steadily climbing the last couple of weeks, culminating at its apex of power?

Back in the day, people feared the time of the full moon. The threat of lunatic behavior and lycanthropy prevails, adding an element of instability and danger to these nights. This is a time when your conduct may take on an unstable, or unsavory quality. Take note of your internal environment.  

In another day or two, the moon starts to wane, and enters the third quarter, known as the waning gibbous phase. The energy lessens slightly, the edge is off, and it’s time to reflect. It is also a time of harvest, when you see a return on your investments. If you’re not enjoying the results you desire, figure out where you went wrong.

The last quarter of the moon cycle, called the waning crescent phase, brings us to the final stage before darkness reigns once again. An easy way to tell if the crescent is waxing or waning is to hold your right hand up, making a backward C shape. If the right hand matches the shape, i.e. the points of the crescent face towards the left side, then the moon is waxing.

During this lunar phase, energy continues to decline. It is proper to rest and meditate. Use discretion and be wise in your assessment of the past three weeks because not all goals can be attained in that time. What was done well and what wasn’t? Assess and plot out the next steps. This is a quiet time to start thinking about which seeds need planting during the upcoming new moon. 

The moon repeats this cycle approximately every 29 days, making it the ultimate calendar to bind your being to. Every month, or moonth if you will, bestows an opportunity for you to align yourself with her. You may even get to a point where you can sense energy waxing and waning, without casting your eyes to the heavens.

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