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Magical Water

Water is not only indispensable for life, but is renowned for its properties of purification and cleansing. We owe our origins to this life-giving fluid; as humans we gestate in the womb, floating in warm, nourishing amniotic fluid. Our body composition is about 70% water, which is the same percentage of water found on earth. 

Pausing by a river, ocean or pond is hypnotic. Beauty is in the sounds of ocean waves rushing, rivers flowing, and still lakes resting in complete silence. When we dip our fingertips in a cool pond, luxuriate in a warm bath or immerse fully in the ocean, we are always met with the sensual quality of water. 

Its three forms represent the trinity of human experience. Cold and solid in its frozen form, relates to a time of rest, recuperation, and hibernation. As a fluid, it is adaptable yet formidable, able to erode the strongest of materials if given enough time. This state of water represents an enterprising time, one full of activity and action. Warm, and elusive, steam quickly disappears into the unknown. This implies an exploration of the spiritual, numinous and non-material realms including death, dreaming, meditation, and even states induced by psychoactive drugs.

The more this vital substance is investigated, the stranger it gets. There are two interesting scientific facts illustrating its unique nature. First, hot water freezes at a faster rate than cold water. Modern science hypothesizes how frost, dissolving gasses and evaporation make this possible. 

Second, water expands when it reaches its freezing point. Only four other elements exhibit this property, but they are not ones people will likely come into contact with. To the average person these two phenomena appear to defy logic, as precious few elements share these traits. 

Blood consists of 90% water, allowing our blood to freely circulate in our vessels. It is the medium in which oxygen and nutrients dissolve. Water also embodies a ‘sticky’ quality, which is observable in droplets. Water attracts water and thus clumps together. This ability enables blood to propel itself forward, against the force of gravity, allowing our circulatory system to function.

Water certainly seems to use mysterious forces to influence events. It goes even farther though, entering more mystical realms. The famous experiments by Japanese photographer Emoto demonstrated a remarkable thing about water. He took pictures of microscopic water molecules before and after they received positive and negative intentions. The results were truly astonishing!

Molecular water structures blossomed into beautiful, symmetrical patterns when endowed with prayer and positive thoughts. The molecular structures turned ugly and asymmetrical with the introduction of harsh and evil intentions. The natural impulse of water is to respond to outside influences by mimicking them. This proves that water is remarkable for its ability to reflect human emotions, intentions and thoughts.

 There’s no reason you can’t imbue water with a special incantation of your own. Speaking kind words to your drinking water, your bath, or even a beloved water source in nature, is a simple way to reinforce your connection with the beauty of the natural world.

 You could take it one step further, since humans are mostly water, and infuse yourself with efficacious, powerful invocations. Simply put, whatever you tell yourself you are, the water in your body will encode that messaging and you will become just that! 

Vanessa Vogel
Vanessa Vogel
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