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The Fourth House of Home and Family

There are 12 houses on the zodiac wheel, each representing a specific area of our journey in this lifetime. They are 12 spirited stages in which we give the theatrical performance of our lives. Inside them we find activities that account for a particular aspect of our existence. Houses are dynamic and active places, full of deeds, doings and pursuits. Although they vary in their busyness, energy levels and concerns.    

Here lies the foundation for the entire chart in the fourth house. This is the base, the roots, the part that is underground, buried deep below. Our home, family, security and private life takes centerstage in this protective cocoon. It’s our upbringing- how we were nurtured, reared, and trained to be in this world. Our instincts grow and develop here, mainly by responding to our early environment. 

Whatever patterns emerge here during the early years repeat themselves over and over, again and again, throughout the course of a lifetime. This is for better or worse. However through awareness and recognition of childhood patterns we can always play a more conscious game of life. 

With time, effort or even luck, we change our perception and do the things that uplift us, regardless of past, ingrained behaviors. Unpacking the fourth house is an excellent place to start discovering your own psychological make-up. It reveals the conditions of your private, domestic life, the one that is secreted away from the public.

The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are the angular houses. These houses lie in a cardinal location which means they hold preeminent, key positions. They warrant special attention as they represent significant areas of life- identity (first), family/private life (fourth), relationships (seventh) and career/public life (tenth). The signs on the cusps of these houses, and if any planets reside inside, greatly influence the entirety of the astrology chart. 

Out of all the angular houses, the Fourth House of Home and Family is the quietest and darkest of them all. It’s in this space we seek comfort, security and a sense of the familiar. Sometimes, however, lurking beneath calm waters are tempestuous conditions. We can hide the more vulnerable, emotional, messier sides of ourselves here.

Our childhood experiences were largely out of our control. What happened then molded our instincts, forever shaping them. As we get older we learn that we can’t control our reactions, but we can only control how we react to our initial reaction. Your secrets, buried treasure and childhood traumas pile up here, allowing you to sift through it all in private. 

The most fundamental relationships we have are with kin, and the fourth reveals the dynamics of our family. This not only includes biological but chosen family as well, showing the impact and influences of these relationships. On a larger scale, family history and our cultural/ancestral heritages reside here. Do you value or continue on with family traditions? What have you inherited from your tribe? What will you leave for posterity?

The fourth also relates to our actual, physical, brick and mortar home. It reveals our sense of aesthetics, what exactly makes your home a home and what is needed to feel comfortable and safe. This physical space can be a mansion on the hill, a tent or a little hobbit home. Does your home reflect your social status, is it a meeting place for family or do you prefer a life on the road? 

It’s our sanctuary, our bedroom, where we can dive into our own world, free from prying eyes, judgements and social commitments. Hidden parts such as our subconscious, personal diary, secret stash, and guilty pleasures await us here. Intuition, daydreaming and fantasizing beg for our attention.

Original ideas and inventiveness flourish in their own quiet yet profound way. Creativity incubates in its delicate, vulnerable state, receiving the devotion and care it needs. This is in preparation for the next stage of life- the Fifth House of Creativity and Personal Expression. When we reach here we are confident enough to share our artistry with the world so others can admire and praise us. 

We can tune into our health by taking the time to listen for messages from the body. This requires periods of quiet reflection and tuning out external influences. After gaining  intuitive knowledge regarding what we truly need, next we proceed to the Sixth House of Health and Service. Here is where we determine the healthiest daily routines by focusing on things such as diet, exercise, and self-care. We can apply our new-found knowledge and insight into the creation of health regimes and protocols, and helping others.

The fourth is directly opposite the tenth house, making them part of the same polarity. In the tenth, the zenith or height of the zodiac wheel, is where we are most visible to the public. Our career, social status and public reputation lodge here. Having a solid foundation to rest our feet, allows us to stand tall. Oftentimes it is those with secure roots in the fourth house that bloom magnificently in the light of the tenth.

A balance needs to be struck between these two houses. Spending the right amount of time in each is key. The fourth house is yin, while the tenth is yang. Yin is feminine, quiet, nourishing, receptive and relates to the moon. Yang is masculine, loud, animating, forceful and relates to the sun. The hustle and bustle of public life can make going home to rest feel like a holiday. Conversely, showing up for public events after being holed up in your house all week can be a liberating experience.   

Not only does the fourth house represent origins and beginnings, but also endings, our golden years, death itself and the burial ground. We start out life as vulnerable as can be and when in the active process of dying, we enter that phase of vulnerability once again. We may recede from the public (tenth house), fade into quieter, more protected spaces (fourth house) where the soul can prepare to leave this world. It is a return to the primordial state, we come full circle. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Back in the fourth house! 

Vanessa Vogel
Vanessa Vogel
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